Mathaf – Museum of Modern Arts Tour

14:00 – 18:00
Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art is a new institution for Arab culture and creativity, opened in December 2010 in Doha, Qatar. Home to a permanent collection that offers a uniquely comprehensive overview of modern Arab art, Mathaf (“museum” in Arabic) also performs an important role as a center for dialogue and scholarship and a resource for fostering creativity.

The museum is located in a former school building in Dohaʼs Education City that has been transformed by French architect Jean-François Bodin. Mathaf has its origins in the wide-ranging activities of its founder and QMA Vice Chairman, His Excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali Al-Thani. Sheikh Hassan began his collection in the 1980s, starting with the acquisition of works by Qatari artists and then broadening its focus to include works by 20th century artists throughout the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab Diaspora, as well as objects that inspired many Arab modern artists, such as pre-Islamic works from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

From the beginning, Sheikh Hassanʼs collecting was part of a larger project of documentation and advocacy. In 1994 he installed much of the collection in a villa that served as a private museum, and as a resource for living artists and for teaching others about Arab modern art. An artist residency program was also established at the museum, primarily hosting Iraqi artists who needed a place of refuge.

To honor Sheikh Hassanʼs history of providing studios for artists and his emphasis on education, QMA and Qatar Foundation have developed the museumʼs first home in the midst of the schools and colleges of Dohaʼs Education City. The transformation of the former school building began in 2009 and completed in 2010.

Mathafʼs collection of more than 6,000 artworks represents major trends and sites of production of modern and contemporary Arab art, spanning the 1840s to present. It is supported by a wealth of archival materials documenting Arab artists and Art work. (Source QMA)

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