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    Dive the popular diving site Old Club Reef in Messaid, which features an artificial reef made up of several vehicles, school buses, a pickup truck and some small boats, as well as several piles of pipes and water tanks. Groupers are seen regularly, as are blue angel fish and other small local fishes.

    New Club Reef is a similar diving site, with a closer drop off from the shore. It is located near the sand dunes just beyond the Sealine Beach Resort. The Inland Sea is a sheltered area with some small reefs; it is a prime spot for an all-day outing and supports an abundance of fishes.

    In Al-Sharqi you can do wreck diving. It features a sunken metal-built wreck. It is as deep as approx. 22 metres in some parts with the wreck reaching up to just short of the surface.

    Included: Transportation with Driver – Water & Soft Drinks – Insurance – Instructor / Dive Guide


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