Deaths reported after gas explosion at Paris bakery

    Deaths reported after gas explosion at Paris bakery

    At least two people have been confirmed dead, while dozens have been injured following an explosion and fire at a bakery, caused by an apparent gas leak, according to French officials.

    A Paris police spokeswoman said firefighters arrived at the scene of the explosion on Saturday morning at the bakery on Rue Trevise in the 9th arrondissement of north-central Paris.

    The two fatalities were firefighters, according to French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who on Saturday afternoon warned of “a heavy toll” following the explosion.

    Earlier, officials said four people were killed, and at least 37 people were injured, including 10 in critical condition. The number of fatalities was later lowered four to two. 

    French television showed emergency vehicles surrounding the area.

    Images shared on social media showed the area around the adjacent Rue De Montyon covered in debris with a fire raging in at least one building.

    “I was sleeping and woke up by the blast wave,” Claire Sallavuard, who lives on the Rue de Trevise where the explosion occurred, told AFP news agency.

    “All the windows in the apartment exploded, doors were blown off their hinges, I had to walk on the door to leave the room, all the kids were panicking, they couldn’t get out of their room,” she said.

    Rescuers eventually used a ladder to evacuate the family, who lived on the first floor.

    Police sources said firefighters had already been responding to an alert of a gas leak at the site when the explosion occurred.

    The explosion took place amid heavy security in Paris and around France in the wake of yellow vest protests expected later on Saturday.

    Al Jazeera and news agencies


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