The greening of wide patches of Qatar

The greening of wide patches of Qatar in recent years has created a welcoming environment for migratory birds and a permanent home for many other species. Irrigation systems have helped create large gardens and parks, games fields and golf courses, transforming what was once a hostile environment for many species of wildlife into safe havens.

Migratory birds that previously overflew the desert areas are now returning year after year en route from summer to winter habitats and vice versa, with several species breeding in Qatar before leaving the heat of the summer.

Dedicated birdwatchers here have identified well over 250 species, with as many as 25 of them now year-round residents! Mangrove plantations on the coast north of Al Khor are popular haunts of local ornithologists.

Gulls, cormorants and waders can be spotted along the shorelines; ducks, geese, mallard, stilt and teal can be found around effluent ponds and in the reeds. Many species can also be seen in the vicinity of Al Rumeilah Park (formally Al Bidda Park), Doha Zoo, Doha Golf Club and at Sealine Beach Resort.


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