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Desert-Safari-QatarQATAR ADVENTURE is the leading online tourism company in Qatar established in 2006. We are specialized in inbound online services, and all kind of tours in Qatar.

Experience a different kind of Adventure. Explore the whole of Qatar – the ruins of Al – Zubarah, the vast unspoilt beauty of the Inland Sea, the bustling souq in the centre of Doha or wherever you wish to go – and discover true Arabian hospitality that only your local Qatari Guides can provide.

Qatar is a colorful and inviting land where the modern compliments the legacy of an ancient culture. Wind towers and minarets nestle among modern palaces. Old men smoke the “Hubbly-Bubbly” on quiet sidewalks and watch modernity glide by. The warm and friendly people of Qatar live an ancient culture, which treats a guest as a long awaited friend. Once home to fisher folk, Bedouins and pearl divers, Qatar today is a modern state.

It is among the wealthiest, cleanest, and safest nations of the world.
From sport and entertainment to conferences and exhibitions, Qatar has it all. Explore Qatar with us and you will be more than a little surprised.
We give you the unusual, Qatar Adventure make feel home away from home.

The hospitality appreciated by all visitors to the State of Qatar and QATAR ADVENTURE is proud to promote it.
Qatar is an independent country, a peninsula on the west coast of the Arabian Gulf. The Al Thani family has ruled Qatar since 19th century.
The Emir, His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani is the ruler of the country.

Qatar has several islands and reefs and a total land area of over 11,400 square kilometres.
The seven hundred kilometre coastline explains the passion and relationship of the people of Qatar with the sea.
Civilization in Qatar goes back to BC 2500 with discovery of pottery from that era.
The Greek Historian, Herodotus, has written about the people of Qatar, Ptolemy showed it on his map.
Qatar was famous for its cloaks, embroidery and weaving. Later, boat building, fishing and pearl diving became a more lucrative local craft.

Qatar has moderate desert climate. Summers are hot and dry while winters are mild. Rainfall is scarce. Doha, the capital, is well connected to the world by air, sea and land.
Arabic is the official language and Islam is the official religion. English is widely spoken and understood.
Every international cuisine is available in Doha’s hundreds of restaurants.
Both modern and traditional shopping opportunities abound.

A holiday is what you make of it .
And we, at QATAR ADVENTURE know you are unique.
You might want to dine in the desert under a star studded sky or fall in love with the sand dunes or brave the warm shamal winds or listen to the lullaby of the seas, tame the sand dunes on a buggy, dive with whale sharks, sample Arabian perfumes, haggle at small shops in the souk, camp on a beach for six months.
We invite you to indulge you capacity for wonder and adventure.

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