2 seriously hurt at Running of the Bulls

2 seriously hurt at Running of the Bulls

Two tourists were treated for serious injuries sustained while taking part in Pamplona’s famed Running of the Bulls festival on Tuesday. 

A 49-year-old Briton compound-fractured his ankle, while a 42-year old from the US city of Chicago suffered a concussion and a shoulder injury while taking part in the bull run – one of Spain‘s most popular events, broadcaster RTVA reported

No gorings were reported, unlike in previous days.

The dangerous race along the 850-metre cobbled-street course to the bullring lasted about two minutes, the fastest so far this year. Four people – two Americans and two Spaniards – have been gored since the festival started on Sunday.

The nine-day San Fermin Fiesta attracts revellers from around the world who test their bravery and speed dashing through the streets with six fighting bulls.

Thousands of runners – dressed head to toe in white with bright-red neckerchiefs – gather every year for the traditional morning run, after which the animals are kept in the ring until the afternoon’s bullfights.

Records dating back to 1910 list 16 deaths from the event. The festival regularly stokes debate about the treatment of animals.

Dedicated to Pamlona’s patron saint, San Fermin, the festival has existed since 1591, featuring the spectacle of six black fighting bulls running through the narrow streets of the city to the bullring for eight days straight. 


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