Imam: After devastating New Zealand attack, we will not be deterred

(CNN)My wife and I decided to take our kids to a synagogue in Dallas the night after the massacre at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh to grieve and show solidarity with the Jewish community. My 5-year-old played with kids his age while we mourned inside, resisting hate even unknowingly with his innocence.

My 9-year-old, on the other hand, had lots of questions. Who were those people? Why would anyone want to kill them? And were the ones who pulled the triggers the same white supremacists who carry guns in front of our mosque in Texas?
Not only did she recognize the sameness of the Jewish children around her. But she also saw the sameness of the hate that robs us all of our peace even in our places of worship. It isn’t easy being Muslim in countries witnessing a resurgence of white supremacy. We are usually colored, and always viewed by some as suspicious.


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